2021/2022 Ridgeway PAC regular meetings are, generally, held on a Tuesday towards the end of the month, every other month at 7:15 p.m., (see full list of dates below). Due to COVID-19, all meetings are currently virtual.

There are no planned regular meetings in Oct, December, Feb, April, or June. Board Meetings are intended to be held during those months if necessary. Additional General Meetings may be called, either by 10% or more of the PAC members for a specific purpose, or by the Board as deemed necessary. If Spring Fair 2022 is happening, a general meeting will be planned in April 2022.

Meetings include a short report from Principal Dean Yeo and/or Vice-Principal Jillian Gordon, and from a teacher representative. Updates are provided on the status of upcoming PAC events and current budget, and new agenda items can be raised. Special topics or guests will be announced in advance wherever possible, via PAC emails.

The candidates elected for the 2021/22 school year are:

  • President – Chrystal Zachrisson and Tiffany Alexander (voted)
  • Vice-President – T. David Pyron (voted) (co-VP still open)
  • Secretary – Stephanie Redlich (voted)
  • Treasurer – Suhad Mardikian (voted)
  • Treasurer-in-Training – Beth Miller

Ridgeway PAC Board of Directors – Tiffany Alexander, Chrystal Zachrisson, Arieanna Schweber (Past President), David Pyron, Suhad Mardikian, Stephanie Redlich, Amy Reid, Sandi Thorson, Melissa McConchie

  • Safety Representative – Amy Reid
  • Emergency Supply Coordinators – Karen Harris and Kelly White
  • Fun Lunch Coordinators – Kim Jackman and (vacant)
  • BCCPAC / District PAC Representative – Melissa McConchie
  • Class Representative Coordinator – Alicia C.
  • Family of Schools Representative / BIPOC Event Coordinator – vacant
  • Communication Scheduler / Marketing – vacant

To contact Chrystal or Tiffany, please email president@ridgewaypac.org. For all other positions listed above, please email David at exec@ridgewaypac.org and your question or comment will be directed to the appropriate individual.

Active Parent Committees 2021/2022:

  • Advocacy, Parent Support (DPAC Rep, VP, …)
  • Fundraising (President, Jen A., Katie S., Rachel D., Colby M.)
  • Fun Lunch (Kim J., Melissa M., Sandra S., Colby M., Helen L., Rupinder T., Paula H., Niki K.)
  • Social (Cory Z., …., ….)
  • Student Events (currently for Skate Night, Multicultural Fair, Bike to School Week, Pancake Breakfast, …) (Alicia C., Niki K., …, …., …)
  • Volunteer Pool (Class Rep. Coordinator, Beth M., Ganesan S., Rebecca D., …., ….)

2021/2022 Meeting Dates 

  • Tuesday September 28, 2021 – All PAC members (all parents)
  •  October 2021 – Board Only
  • Tuesday November 23, 2021 – All PAC members
  • December 2021 – Board Only
  • Tuesday January 18, 2022 – All PAC members
  • February 2022 – Board Only
  • Tuesday March 01, 2022 – All PAC members (earlier due to Spring Break)
  • April 2022 – potentially Board Only, if Spring Fair is happening a ‘General Meeting’ will be held, for All PAC members on Tuesday April 19, 2022
  • Tuesday May 17, 2022 – Annual General Meeting
  • June 2022 – Board Only

2020/2021 Meeting Dates / Minutes

Minutes from Past Meetings

2019/2020 year:

2018 / 2019 year:

2017 / 2018 year:

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  1. My neighbour informs me that you are looking for material to sell at some kind of sale to raise funds for PAC activities.
    May I have more information, Please.

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