The PAC feels it is important to provide children with additional information on the topics such as health education and how to use technology safely. The PAC books (and pays for) a Sexual Health Educator every other year, taking recommendations on speaker sessions for parents & students for other years.

In 2019, the PAC and school will be welcoming Saleema Noon, Sexual Health Educator, for a Body Science presentation. The parent evening will be held on May 27th, with student participation on May 28, 30 and 31.

Elementary Program

Sex talk, No sweat.

For parents and children

During these open and informational sessions, children and parents alike will come to terms with sexual health, and understand how it fits into their world at this stage of their lives.

Children learn how their bodies change, and what those changes mean. Parents will discover how to easily overcome embarrassment when talking about sexual health, learn words and concepts that are easy to use, and leave well equipped to clearly answer the myriad of questions all children are sure to ask.

The workshops are light hearted, but deliver straight and current facts on how parents and children can work together to promote good decisions for a lifetime.

Please let us know if you have suggestions for new topics or speakers.