Every year, Ridgeway PAC raises funds to help support our school in all sorts of way, including (for example) classroom iPads and laptops; sports equipment; unique school-wide phys. ed. programs like tennis, gymnastics, and dance; library funding; emergency preparedness equipment; and specific funding for every classroom. Did you know you can support these fundraising efforts just by doing some of the shopping you’re doing already? Check out the vendors below, who provide funding back to our school every time you make a purchase. It may take an extra minute to use the right link etc…, but our students are worth it!

Thanks to these awesome vendors for their support, and THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about how you can help too!

Year-Round Fundraisers

The following programs run YEAR-ROUND and are a great way to direct some of your regular spending dollars to benefit Ridgeway:

COBS Bread Park & Tilford

  1. Purchase anything at COBS Bread Park & Tilford
  2. Mention you’re raising dough for Ridgeway
  3. 5% of the total sale will come back to Ridgeway!


  1. Save your beverage containers
  2. Bring the bags to Return-It with a Ridgeway label (use phone 604-903-3740)
  3. More info here

Mabel’s Labels – 10% Back to Ridgeway


Get all the labels and tags for your household with Mabel’s Labels! Label school supplies, clothes, backpacks, or even organize your home with handy safety and household stickers. 10% of your purchase comes back to Ridgeway.

  1. Click “Support a Fundraiser
  2. Select “Ridgeway Elementary” under the School banner
  3. Click “Click Here to Buy” and shop normally. It will be credited to Ridgeway

If you have any questions about our fundraising programs or would like to suggest another fundraising idea, contact exec@ridgewaypac.org