Traffic Safety Reminders

As we head back to school this month, we want to take a few moments to encourage you to choose active transportation to school or to support your child in walking to school independently. However, we know that driving is a reality for many families and that it’s important we ensure that driver behaviour is not putting our kids at risk.

We encourage you to ‘Drive to 5‘ – drive to within a five minute walking distance – and follow the safety rules of our neighbourhood (including the *new 30km/hr speed limit* on St. Andrews Ave.):

(Click the link for high resolution)

Thanks to the advocacy of parents and residents in the area, in 2019/2020 we completed a Ridgeway School Zone Safety Review with the City of North Vancouver that included an online survey, in-person open house, and traffic monitoring throughout the neighbourhood. The result of this review is a new Action Plan for Ridgeway including:

  • Phase 1 (2020 / early 2021) – More visible pedestrian crossings, diagonal diverters, expanding slow zones, street murals to draw attention to no stopping zones, curb bulges and pedestrian priority areas
  • Phase 2 (2021 / 2022) – New speed bumps, raised crosswalks, enhanced pedestrian crossings on Keith Rd

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this process! We encourage you to review the photos for an idea of some of the improvements coming.

Traffic & Safety Survey

As part of the ongoing dialogue between the City of North Vancouver, the School District, the PAC, and the community, there is a NEW survey out to help inform City decision making around transportation-related issues.

TAKE THE SURVEY HERE (click ‘Let’s Talk’)

We know there are many factors around traffic & safety in the neighbourhood, whether it’s concerns about traffic levels on Keith diverting to our neighbourhood, speeding, visibility, crosswalks, or just the logistics of drop off and pick up. We hope you take the time to voice your opinion.

Please pay special attention to the SECOND tab of the survey called “Map Your Safety Issues / Suggestions.” This allows you to drop a pin on specific areas where you would like to see a positive change.