PAC Meeting & AGM Sept 21

Start the new year involved and informed. We welcome you to join us for our first Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting of the year to help shape this year’s activities and priorities.

September PAC Meeting / Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Monday, September 21
7pm – 8:30pm
Join the Zoom Meeting HERE or dial 778 907 2071. Alternative dial-in numbers available here.

Meeting ID: 916 8767 4081
Passcode: 358097

The virtual meeting will open at 6:45pm to allow for some socializing / working out of any technical difficulties people have logging on. We will share a PAC Meeting Primer on Monday with all the relevant documents, voting procedures, etc.

The Ridgeway Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) was created by and for parents to have a voice in matters at the school and to enrich the school experience for students and parents. COVID-19 does change what we can do (no in-person events or fun lunch, more info on this to come), but we also have a chance to decide on new ways to create and support our community.

This meeting will also include our deferred Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of new volunteers (see below for roles that need filling).

  • Community support / event ideas
  • Proposed budget (restricted due to the impact of COVID-19)
  • Fundraising ideas to add more back to the budget
  • Review of minutes from our last meeting
  • Elections for open positions
  • Updates from Ridgeway admin

The Ridgeway Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a registered non-profit society. As an independent organization, it is required that we operate with at least 5 executives including President and Vice President and 3 Directors. Our organization includes the following volunteer positions:

  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Family of Schools Representative
  • District PAC Representative
  • Board of Directors (at least 3, including outgoing President)
  • Various volunteers for committees / fundraisers / tasks

All positions can be shared. We are currently looking for candidates to hold the President and Vice President positions.

Whichever position you choose, or whether you can only attend meetings or volunteer for tasks, being a part of the PAC can be an amazing experience – to meet friends, to connect within the community, and to model involvement for your kids. Most PAC ‘work’ is behind a computer and can be done at any time of day (even for those of us who work full-time!).

President / Vice President Openings

The President and Vice President positions typically oversee various volunteers / committees, manage the finances with the Treasurer, co-ordinate with school admin / teachers, host the meetings, and either do or delegate administrative tasks (email database work, newsletters, etc). The PAC is always whatever the core group of volunteers decide to make it.

The President / Vice President positions must be filled to continue to provide financial support to the teachers and students at this school.

Our bylaws dictate President and Vice president positions are held for a maximum of 2 years per volunteer. The outgoing President will be there to support both roles throughout the years ahead.

If you would like to nominate yourself for any open position, please email before the meeting (ideally!). Thank you!!

PAC AGM Deferred

My fellow parents,

It is with great reluctance that we have made the decision to cancel, rather than defer, our Spring Fair. Originally scheduled for May 9, this event is beloved by our students, staff, parents, and our wider community. I want to personally thank our Spring Fair Committee for working hard on the event this year, bringing many new ideas and enthusiasm to our planning! We look forward to bringing these ideas to you for next year’s Spring Fair. Similarly, all Bike to School Week activities (traditionally held across BC at the end of May) have been postponed until the Fall – once again, I thank our Bike to School Week committee for all the ideas generated so far to bring the love of biking to our school.

The PAC Board of Directors held a virtual meeting this week to review our finances, to decide on the rest of the year’s events, and to discuss options for what the PAC’s role should be now during this stage of remote learning. Many of us volunteer with the PAC out of a desire to create and support a strong community at Ridgeway and in our neighbourhood. We will do our best to continue this support now. If you don’t already, please follow our PAC Facebook page for community resources and community news.

At this time in the year, we usually have two PAC meetings left in our calendar – one in April and our annual general meeting (AGM) in May. We do not have plans to hold a virtual PAC meeting at this time and our preference would be to have our AGM and to vote in new PAC executives in September, if our bylaws and reporting requirements allow for it.

It has been my true privilege to be your PAC President for the past two years – to get to know so many parents and to help bring together our community. Whoever decides to step into the PAC roles next year, I’ll be there to help!

Although we may be physically apart, together our community is strong. To this end, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the amazing teachers and staff at Ridgeway for the work they have done to help bring some ‘normal’ back into our children’s lives with the remote learning we’ve had so far. This has been a huge undertaking – but so hugely appreciated.


COVID-19 Update

My fellow parents,

With K-12 classes suspended until further notice, I know you have many questions and concerns. Many of you are facing hardship, isolation, or anxiety. Many have questions about what we will do in the coming weeks when our children cannot resume school. I have spoken with our Principal, Dean Yeo, about some of those concerns and am assured the School District is working on a response.

Given the uncertainty of the situation we are all facing, the PAC has done the following:

  • Fun Lunch has been suspended. We will follow the lead of the school district, and re-evaluate Fun Lunch when/if schools re-open this year. If you have ordered fun lunch or snacks for the coming session, your order will be cancelled and the amount will remain as a credit in your munchalunch account and automatically be applied towards future orders – whether those are later this school year, or even next year. If your child is graduating this year, or if you would really like a more immediate refund, please email and the PAC will issue you a cheque. Please expect this to take some time, as it requires manual adjustments and volunteer time etc…
  • {Update: events are cancelled} We have hit pause, not cancel, on upcoming PAC events, including our Spring Fair, Bike to School Week, and Pancake Breakfast. We will wait to see how events unfold and will adjust our plans accordingly.
  • We are continuing the detailed planning for our upcoming playground thanks to the generous support of this community. It is likely we will have to delay the build until such time as it is safe for people to gather again.

We will try to share more educational and social resources on our Facebook page.

I also want to take a moment to thank the many parents working the front lines today in hospitals, grocery stores, and childcare services. I also want to thank all those families who are taking the advice to self-isolate and maintain social distance. I know it is not easy to do – and even harder to explain to our children.

In this time, our children will look to us for leadership, guidance, and support. We must look to each other for the same. I encourage you to reach out to others in our community who you suspect may not have very much support. Reach out to parents in your class or parents you know from the playground. Extend a hand in friendship and support. Perhaps relax media rules for children, allowing them to call, FaceTime, or text their friends.

We’re all in this together.


First PAC Meeting Sept 16

Start the new school year engaged and informed!

We invite you to join us to the first 2018-2019 Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting following the SOGI presentation (6:30-7pm) in the school library.

Monday September 16th, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Ridgeway Library
(Free child minding provided)

We will discuss the latest school news with school administrators & share the outline of school events & PAC projects for the year – including updates about the proposed outdoor play space improvements! Please join us for a hands-on brainstorming activity to help determine Ridgeway community priorities.

Open positions

We will be looking to fill the following open positions:

  • Vice President(s) – 2 individuals to shadow the current President in her last year, learning how current tasks are done, the organization systems, and how to oversee the committees
    • ** Position cannot be vacant for our PAC to run **
  • Family of Schools representative (planning events among 5 schools in our school district)
    • 4x dinner meetings to plan 1-2 yearly events including the annual Haunted Harvest Fair
    • Representative will pitch in on planning / execution, relay info back to the school
    • ** Position must be filled to partake in shared fundraising **
  • DPAC representative – attend monthly meetings & share news from the District with the PAC
  • Fun Lunch (additional 1+ admin volunteers) – help organize Munchalunch & coordinate weekly orders with vendors

The PAC functions primarily with committees! Come hear more about some of the fun ways to be a part of the school, including:

  • Parent Socials
  • Spring Fair
  • Multicultural Fair
  • Playground Development
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Bike to School Week
  • Craft Fair (TBD)

BONUS: the PAC will now supply a social stipend to support committees to get together for planning sessions!

SOGI Presentation Sept 16

Everyone has a sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). Ridgeway is a SOGI-inclusive school, but what does that mean? At Ridgeway, we try to teach that every student will understand and express their gender differently and that every choice is embraced – never a cause for discrimination.

SOGI-inclusive education simply means speaking about SOGI in a way that ensures every student feels like they belong.

Join us on September 16th before our first PAC meeting for an information presentation by one of our primary teachers, Anne Watt, to learn about Ridgeway’s SOGI initiatives and the opportunity to bring a rainbow crosswalk to our school.

SOGI-Inclusive Education
September 16, 2019
Ridgeway School Library

The Ridgeway PAC Meeting will follow the presentation at 7pm. 

PAC AGM – Have your Say

In September of this year, we began the year by looking back to the true purpose of a PAC: to support community. We worked as a group to brainstorm on the following topics:

  • How to facilitate two-way dialogue
  • How to reach all the parents in the school
  • What would add to the sense of community at Ridgeway
  • What function could a class rep play in supporting community

In the course of the year, we have incorporated some of these ideas, by relaunching our website with a new multi-lingual welcome page, adding translation to our newsletters, and hosting our first-ever multicultural fair. With the feedback in mind, we have focused on more concise information, encouraging volunteerism, working via committee, and engaging more community partners to support our school.

This has been an amazing year at Ridgeway. We have:

  • Planned & fundraised for new play spaces at Ridgeway (still ongoing!)
  • Unveiled a brand new logo & had our first round of Spirit Wear sales
  • Had a class rep in all 27 divisions, to support community & help with events such as Spring Fair
  • Committed to a focus on community events, including our Holiday Craft Fair and Spring Fair
  • Created new committees to help with events, including our Social Committee’s huge success at our Holiday Cheer event
  • We advocated for keeping our field, when a parking lot was a potential concern

But, we’d like to hear from YOU.

Did we meet our mandate for the year? How can we build on our momentum? And lastly, how should we celebrate all we’ve done? (Because we DO deserve a party!)

PAG AGM Details

The PAC is a non-profit charity that runs on volunteerism. None of this is possible without YOUR help. I can say that being a part of the PAC has been incredibly fulfilling, creating lasting friendships, connections in the community, & being able to be a strong role-model for my kids.

We will continue to try to transform the PAC toward a committee-based system, distributing events & fundraisers into teams. We will review those at this meeting and also again in September as we plan the year.

We will be voting on the following positions for 2019 / 2020:

  • President, Arieanna Schweber (filled for 2019/2020, vacant following year)
  • Treasurer, Suhad Mardikian
  • Vice President (currently vacant, 1-2 people to oversee committees)
  • Secretary
  • Fun Lunch Coordinator
  • DPAC Rep (attend monthly District PAC meetings, 1 hr a month)
  • Family of Schools Rep (attend meetings, assist in coordinating small elements of FOS events)
  • Grade 7 (entering) PAC Liaison

Thank you for helping to make this school community great!

February 25th PAC Meeting

We welcome you to attend our upcoming PAC Meeting to hear the latest news & share your ideas.

Monday February 25th, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Ridgeway Library
(Free child minding provided)


  • Report from administration & teachers
  • Feedback from multicultural fair
  • Debut of new school logo & spirit wear
  • Upcoming event introduction & ideas: Spring Fair, Bike to School Week
  • Outdoor play space project updates

Jan 14 PAC Meeting

Monday January 14th, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Ridgeway Library
(Free child minding provided)

This is set to be an exciting year, with many great projects in the works & events in the coming months. We welcome you to attend to hear the latest news.


  • Report from Administration & Teachers
  • Summary of most recent events & fundraisers
  • Changes to the 2019 Spring Fair, feedback & volunteer opportunities
  • Exciting updates on the outdoor play space project
  • ‘Multicultural Fair’ / PAC Family Fun Night
  • Open PAC positions: Vice President and District PAC Rep
  • Guest Q&A with Kulvir Mann, North Vancouver School District Trustee.