About Ridgeway PAC.

A non-profit registered charity.

The Ridgeway Parent Advisory Committee (“PAC”) is open to all parents of Ridgeway students. We welcome everyone, and promote respectful collaboration. We are all volunteers helping parents participate in the school system and striving to enrich the student experience and their accessibility to opportunities if needed.

Getting involved in PAC is a great way to get to know other parents. We always need volunteers for small tasks or big projects.


Please come to a PAC meetingemail us, or find us on social media.

Ridgeway PAC’s Guiding Principles.

  • To ensure all students have access to the same opportunities through charitable support and giving
  • To provide financial support for the goals of the PAC, as determined by its membership. Amongst other goals, as part of this we raise money to give to our school for enhanced learning and activities.
  • To encourage parent involvement in the school through PAC, and to enhance effective communication between parents, students and school administration and staff
  • To create an environment where all are welcome, regardless of race, colour, religion, politics, family status, gender, sexual orientation, or physical or mental ability
  • To provide leadership and advocating on behalf of parents, students, and the wider community regarding the public school education and well being of children at Ridgeway Elementary School