Start the new year involved and informed. We welcome you to join us for our first Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting of the year to help shape this year’s activities and priorities.

September PAC Meeting / Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Monday, September 21
7pm – 8:30pm
Join the Zoom Meeting HERE or dial 778 907 2071. Alternative dial-in numbers available here.

Meeting ID: 916 8767 4081
Passcode: 358097

The virtual meeting will open at 6:45pm to allow for some socializing / working out of any technical difficulties people have logging on. We will share a PAC Meeting Primer on Monday with all the relevant documents, voting procedures, etc.

The Ridgeway Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) was created by and for parents to have a voice in matters at the school and to enrich the school experience for students and parents. COVID-19 does change what we can do (no in-person events or fun lunch, more info on this to come), but we also have a chance to decide on new ways to create and support our community.

This meeting will also include our deferred Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of new volunteers (see below for roles that need filling).

  • Community support / event ideas
  • Proposed budget (restricted due to the impact of COVID-19)
  • Fundraising ideas to add more back to the budget
  • Review of minutes from our last meeting
  • Elections for open positions
  • Updates from Ridgeway admin

The Ridgeway Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a registered non-profit society. As an independent organization, it is required that we operate with at least 5 executives including President and Vice President and 3 Directors. Our organization includes the following volunteer positions:

  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Family of Schools Representative
  • District PAC Representative
  • Board of Directors (at least 3, including outgoing President)
  • Various volunteers for committees / fundraisers / tasks

All positions can be shared. We are currently looking for candidates to hold the President and Vice President positions.

Whichever position you choose, or whether you can only attend meetings or volunteer for tasks, being a part of the PAC can be an amazing experience – to meet friends, to connect within the community, and to model involvement for your kids. Most PAC ‘work’ is behind a computer and can be done at any time of day (even for those of us who work full-time!).

President / Vice President Openings

The President and Vice President positions typically oversee various volunteers / committees, manage the finances with the Treasurer, co-ordinate with school admin / teachers, host the meetings, and either do or delegate administrative tasks (email database work, newsletters, etc). The PAC is always whatever the core group of volunteers decide to make it.

The President / Vice President positions must be filled to continue to provide financial support to the teachers and students at this school.

Our bylaws dictate President and Vice president positions are held for a maximum of 2 years per volunteer. The outgoing President will be there to support both roles throughout the years ahead.

If you would like to nominate yourself for any open position, please email before the meeting (ideally!). Thank you!!