My fellow parents,

With K-12 classes suspended until further notice, I know you have many questions and concerns. Many of you are facing hardship, isolation, or anxiety. Many have questions about what we will do in the coming weeks when our children cannot resume school. I have spoken with our Principal, Dean Yeo, about some of those concerns and am assured the School District is working on a response.

Given the uncertainty of the situation we are all facing, the PAC has done the following:

  • Fun Lunch has been suspended. We will follow the lead of the school district, and re-evaluate Fun Lunch when/if schools re-open this year. If you have ordered fun lunch or snacks for the coming session, your order will be cancelled and the amount will remain as a credit in your munchalunch account and automatically be applied towards future orders – whether those are later this school year, or even next year. If your child is graduating this year, or if you would really like a more immediate refund, please email and the PAC will issue you a cheque. Please expect this to take some time, as it requires manual adjustments and volunteer time etc…
  • {Update: events are cancelled} We have hit pause, not cancel, on upcoming PAC events, including our Spring Fair, Bike to School Week, and Pancake Breakfast. We will wait to see how events unfold and will adjust our plans accordingly.
  • We are continuing the detailed planning for our upcoming playground thanks to the generous support of this community. It is likely we will have to delay the build until such time as it is safe for people to gather again.

We will try to share more educational and social resources on our Facebook page.

I also want to take a moment to thank the many parents working the front lines today in hospitals, grocery stores, and childcare services. I also want to thank all those families who are taking the advice to self-isolate and maintain social distance. I know it is not easy to do – and even harder to explain to our children.

In this time, our children will look to us for leadership, guidance, and support. We must look to each other for the same. I encourage you to reach out to others in our community who you suspect may not have very much support. Reach out to parents in your class or parents you know from the playground. Extend a hand in friendship and support. Perhaps relax media rules for children, allowing them to call, FaceTime, or text their friends.

We’re all in this together.