Start the new school year engaged and informed!

We invite you to join us to the first 2018-2019 Ridgeway Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting following the SOGI presentation (6:30-7pm) in the school library.

Monday September 16th, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Ridgeway Library
(Free child minding provided)

We will discuss the latest school news with school administrators & share the outline of school events & PAC projects for the year – including updates about the proposed outdoor play space improvements! Please join us for a hands-on brainstorming activity to help determine Ridgeway community priorities.

Open positions

We will be looking to fill the following open positions:

  • Vice President(s) – 2 individuals to shadow the current President in her last year, learning how current tasks are done, the organization systems, and how to oversee the committees
    • ** Position cannot be vacant for our PAC to run **
  • Family of Schools representative (planning events among 5 schools in our school district)
    • 4x dinner meetings to plan 1-2 yearly events including the annual Haunted Harvest Fair
    • Representative will pitch in on planning / execution, relay info back to the school
    • ** Position must be filled to partake in shared fundraising **
  • DPAC representative – attend monthly meetings & share news from the District with the PAC
  • Fun Lunch (additional 1+ admin volunteers) – help organize Munchalunch & coordinate weekly orders with vendors

The PAC functions primarily with committees! Come hear more about some of the fun ways to be a part of the school, including:

  • Parent Socials
  • Spring Fair
  • Multicultural Fair
  • Playground Development
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Bike to School Week
  • Craft Fair (TBD)

BONUS: the PAC will now supply a social stipend to support committees to get together for planning sessions!