In September of this year, we began the year by looking back to the true purpose of a PAC: to support community. We worked as a group to brainstorm on the following topics:

  • How to facilitate two-way dialogue
  • How to reach all the parents in the school
  • What would add to the sense of community at Ridgeway
  • What function could a class rep play in supporting community

In the course of the year, we have incorporated some of these ideas, by relaunching our website with a new multi-lingual welcome page, adding translation to our newsletters, and hosting our first-ever multicultural fair. With the feedback in mind, we have focused on more concise information, encouraging volunteerism, working via committee, and engaging more community partners to support our school.

This has been an amazing year at Ridgeway. We have:

  • Planned & fundraised for new play spaces at Ridgeway (still ongoing!)
  • Unveiled a brand new logo & had our first round of Spirit Wear sales
  • Had a class rep in all 27 divisions, to support community & help with events such as Spring Fair
  • Committed to a focus on community events, including our Holiday Craft Fair and Spring Fair
  • Created new committees to help with events, including our Social Committee’s huge success at our Holiday Cheer event
  • We advocated for keeping our field, when a parking lot was a potential concern

But, we’d like to hear from YOU.

Did we meet our mandate for the year? How can we build on our momentum? And lastly, how should we celebrate all we’ve done? (Because we DO deserve a party!)

PAG AGM Details

The PAC is a non-profit charity that runs on volunteerism. None of this is possible without YOUR help. I can say that being a part of the PAC has been incredibly fulfilling, creating lasting friendships, connections in the community, & being able to be a strong role-model for my kids.

We will continue to try to transform the PAC toward a committee-based system, distributing events & fundraisers into teams. We will review those at this meeting and also again in September as we plan the year.

We will be voting on the following positions for 2019 / 2020:

  • President, Arieanna Schweber (filled for 2019/2020, vacant following year)
  • Treasurer, Suhad Mardikian
  • Vice President (currently vacant, 1-2 people to oversee committees)
  • Secretary
  • Fun Lunch Coordinator
  • DPAC Rep (attend monthly District PAC meetings, 1 hr a month)
  • Family of Schools Rep (attend meetings, assist in coordinating small elements of FOS events)
  • Grade 7 (entering) PAC Liaison

Thank you for helping to make this school community great!